FIRSTthoughts is about sharing.

FIRSTthoughts is an initiative tackling disparity between new and experienced members of FIRST Robotics. We ask teams to donate ideas and thoughts that have guided them throughout their team’s history, to be shared with teams in need of such knowledge.
This project aims to inspire teams of FIRST with vast resources shared by other teams around the world.

How does it work?
You can make a short, 2-minute video of yourself or team members and upload it to YouTube. Topics for videos can include anything from a battle plan for fundraising to your team’s nifty trick for fixing leaky pneumatics. Afterwards, post the video to to be shared with other FIRST teams. When the time comes around and you need the answer to a quick question, or a starting point for your own idea, you can tap into the vast resources of the FIRSTthoughts collection for inspiration.
FIRSTthoughts is created by Stuypulse 694.
What thought will you contribute?